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Check your own Blood Pressure

It is important to be aware of your blood pressure because the higher your blood pressure is, the higher your risk of potential health problems in the future.

For those with hypertension it is important to monitor your blood pressure regularly. We encourage patients to purchase a BP device to use at home and send regular readings to us for a nurse or GP to review. Take your BP measurements after relaxing for 10 minutes and note down the best of three readings. Send these to us on a 3 monthly basis unless your GP advises you do it more regularly. You can send your results to us via email [email protected] or via an Engage Online Consultation.

For more information on Hypertension and monitoring your BP at home, visit the following websites:

You can now check your own blood pressure at Battle Health Centre using our new blood pressure machine which can be found in reception along with a step by step guide on how to do this.