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Occupational health vaccinations

We do not provide an occupational health service for work vaccines. This is because it does not form part of our NHS contract and we do not have the relevant training, guidance or indemnity to provide it on a private basis.

Under Health and Safety legislation, employers are responsible for making arrangements with a suitably qualified occupational health medical service to provide a risk assessment and arrange protection for employees, including, where necessary, immunisation against hepatitis B.

The same applies for health care students. Medical schools are responsible for providing a full occupational health service to their students and applicants, including hepatitis B.

Some pharmacies provide occupational hepatitis B vaccines – see BootsDay Lewis and Lloyds. There is a charge for this service.

After your three vaccines, you are required to check your immunity with a blood test. We do not provide occupational blood tests, ​as this would inappropriately use NHS resources for a private service. Your pharmacy might be able to do the blood test for you or you can arrange for a private blood test or postal finger prick test with Medichecks. There is a charge for this service.