Thanks to Medi Tech Trust for their donation

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Medi Tech Trust for their kind donation of an examination lamp, vaccination fridge and a toe doppler for our diabetic patient reviews for Battle Health Centre. This is in addition to our donations last year for Oldwood Surgery of a portable ECG machine and a 24 hour Blood Pressure monitor plus two bags to make it easier for patients to use them. The total cost of all the equipment donation was over £7,000.

Medi Tech Trust are a charity based in Hailsham who donate equipment and supplies to medical institutions; arrange training courses for surgeons in low income countries; and advance health care education in the community. Find out more about the great work they do on their website: Medi Tech Trust.

Medi Tech Trust also collect unwanted medical supplies or equipment and re-distribute them to those in need in the UK or low income countries. We will shortly be getting a donation bin at Battle Health Centre to enable patients to donate medical supplies or equipment they or family members no longer require so they can be put to good use rather than end up in landfill.

Date published: 1st July, 2024
Date last updated: 1st July, 2024